Front axle adjustments:


Steering knuckle angle (Camber) 10 degrees positive

Caster angle 4,5 degrees (including adjustment by taper packing in between springs and axle of 1,5 degrees)

King Pin Angle (KPI) 8 degrees

Toe inn  1/8 inch (3,175 mm)

Toe out when cornering: no data given. Roughly both stubaxle steering arms should direct to the approximate centre of the rear axle, giving a toe out of the front wheels when cornering. If one of the arms is bent the VA will not properly steer around a corner.

Explanation of these adjustments:

Toe inn = The difference in distance in between the front and rear of the front wheels.Is created to overcome a certain play in the steering knuckles. Once at speed the toe inn is absorbed by the play and the wheels will move straight ahead. Can be adjusted by screwing both the track rod ball joints in or out.

Caster = has the same effect as the front fork of a bicycle or caster wheels. Through the caster effect the weight of the car lies behind the centre of the king pins, forcing the wheels in a forward position. Insufficient castor leads to constant change of direction and more change of wheel wobble. Caster is often effected by sagged front springs, reducing caster and easily resolved by resetting or replacing the springs. (correct spring data can be found in the Blower manual) Temperary adjustments can be made by altering the taper packing.

Camber = positive camber makes the wheels closer to each other at the bottem then the top, thereby forcing the tyres in a conical rather then cylindrical shape. Through that the inside half of the tyre has a bigger diameter forcing the wheels to go forward and outside, acting against the toe inn. Encourages forward direction. Wrong camber reading are caused by a bent frontaxle or a bent stubaxle.

King Pin Inclination = This creates that the centre of the king pin meets approximately with the camber centre line, thus creating "centre point steering" which makes it much more easy to steer the VA without much use of power. Wrong KPI reading useally caused by a bent front axle.

Finally: measure the distance in between front and rear axle centres left and right. They should be equel.


                                                      WARNING !!!!!  

All adjustments to the front axle, specially those required bending of the axle must be left to experienced and authorized experts.

                                                      SAFETY FAST!


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