Grahame Page's VA Saloon


JEV 11 is almost synonimous for Grahame Page a well known figure within the European SVW circles.

Grahame inherited this VA saloon when his father died suddenly in 1954 when it was still in as new condition

Mr Page sr was an owner of several garages and dealer for Morris and MG since the old days.

Grahame very well remembers the pre war days when visiting the MG works in Abingdon together with his father. Also well remembered is the occasion of the opening of a new "Morris House" in Bexhill on Sea in June 1931. The opening ceremony was performed by the famous aviatrice Amy Johnson next to Mr Page Sr. She came down in the 18/80 she had been given by William Morris in recognition for her achievements.

At the outbreak of the war in 1939 the metallic grey saloon was left unsold in the showroom in Colchester. Mr page was faced with the choice too either sell it or loose the car to public service. A solution was found in buying it himself for private use and so he did untill his death in 1954.

After a fairly busy life in the early fifties the car did not see much use after that and is still in a very good but unrestored condition.

When I visited Grahame for the first time in 1979 I made a lot of pictures of this wonderfull and unmolested saloon.


 Same VA and same Grahame as on the picture above but nearly 30 years difference. The vertical bars with MG logo in the headlights went missing during the black out period in the war.


Opening the drivers lets you into the thirties, mind the "extra" draught excluder fitted along the sill.






Frontdoor trimpanel "as new"


Same goes for the rear door with excellent woodwork and the later type door trimpanel including a pocket



Comfortable rear seat.

Mind the gap in between the running board and the rear wing.



This is how the interior in the back is supposed to look with the raised portion in the roof trimming




Cosy corner in the back. Mind the pull wire to lift the rear window blind



          Some people call it a "marine type" dashboard. Mind the late type steering centre.



Very nice detail is the reflection in the rearview mirror of the 1979 Save MG sticker on the back window !


Bonnet open on the off side ! The extra square box on top of the scuttle is the pre war radio. The antenna is fitted underneath the off side running board !  Late type windscreen wiper motor.


Oops, the revcounterdrive and reduction box are not fitted here ! Grahame claims that the plug leads are genuine 1939. Special rubber profile around the fire wall. Late type engine in red as it should be. Never been overhauled (1979).


Not many people are aware, but very late VA's, TB's and all WA's did had a silver coloured radiator header tank when they left Abingdon.


Bodynumber plate still in place. Woodwork and bolts for scuttle all in body colour!

The starting handle would normally go into the tooltray in the bootlid.

The bracket on the r.h.s holds the heater on thye inside of the scuttle


                     Windscreen washer bottle is a later attachment as well as the heater hoses.


     Opening the tooltray in the bootlid


And there it is !  Unfortunately the original tray has long perished. According Grahame all tools are genuine and laid out as in the original tray.

Strangely this layout is not according the commenly seen trays.



Nice running board and strips.  Outside (late type) door hinges.



                                      Beautifull lines.  Tail lights on the rear wings are a fifties addition.










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