British Two Gallon Can colours

Company name: Brand: Year: Colour:
AaoCo. Taxibus Spirit   Silver
B.P. & "BP"   Up to 1928 Khaki and Golden Buff though some were Dark Blue, called BP Blue
    From 1928 Crimson Tone Red
    Early 1930s Black with Gold Transfer
    Pre & Post WWII Mid Brunswick Green with Yellow lettering
Carless. Movril Low Grade 1906 Red
  Carbus 1911 - 1920 Dark Royal Blue
  Carburine   Saphire Blue
Cleveland Discol 1936 Black or very Dark Blue
Corys.   Up to 1925 Maize Yellow
    From 1925 Post Office Red
Esso   From late 1936 Green similar to Pratts
    Late 1940s-1956 Mid Green
    Late 1950s Red with White lettering
Flight Motor Spirit   1939 Black, though possibility of grey
Glico   1930s Golden Yellow
  Benzole grade   Black with Red lettering
National Benzole Mixture & And Co.   1924 Deep Orange
    1939 onwards Chinese Yellow
Power Power Ethyl 1938 Silver
    1939 Light Green
Pratts Benzole Grade 1924 Green with Orange top
  Aviation Grade 1927 Green with Gold/Yellow top
  Ethyl 1929 onwards Black with Gold lettering
  Commercial Grade 1931 Green with Silver top
  Hightest 1931/34 Black or Green with Gold transfer
Redline   1934 Royal Blue with Red stripe on both sides
Regent     Light Red
R.O.P.     Black/Grey
Shell, Shell Mex, Shell Mex & BP. Grade 2 1913 Two tone Red and French Grey; split horizontal or vertical?
  Motor Spirit All years Red
  Shell motif 1931/1939 Black with Gold etc transfer
  Aviation 1930/35 Golden Brown but not metallic Gold!!
  Racing Shell 1930 Red with Yellow flash
  S.M.BP 1939 Chinese Jade or Black
  S.M.BP Post WWII Black with Gold lettering
W.D. (year).   1939/1945 Plain Dull Green/Dark Khaki, some Black

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