Door trim panels

These door trim panels are correct for early VA saloons and do not have a pocket in the rear door, but the full sunburst pattern. They should combine with the earlier type frontseats with the wider backs and a pocket in the seat back.

 The panels above belong to a later type VA saloon with round top back rests. Mind the pocket in the backdoor panel (VA 1022)






This is how an early seat with back pocket looks. (VA0253) still like this on VA 0564,& 0577 (=body 5576) and even VA 0706

According Parts List seats changed at body 5711, which is possibly around VA 0712










The frontdoor panels on the earliest salloons had a round hole around the inside door handle (also wide seat back) possibly only 0254-0258 would be interesting to check 0291 (David Wood) Also sunburst pattern in the corner different from the later cars ! (see above)








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