Date Source Story
1935 BL Heritage letter from 2-12-1981 Ledger containing prototype details held at Cowley mentions 3 prototypes: EX/VA/11, EX/VA/12, EX/VA/13 with engines 6303/1, 6303/2, 6303/3.
March 27


The Sports Car

May ‘36

Page 152, Quick Changes reports of the annual dance & social of the MG Car Club, about 300 employees of the Comp. Were present in the Corn Hall, incl Cecil Kimber who just arrived from Harwich that morning. "I talked with many of the men who are building & testing these cars etc. they are very enthusiastic about them. The Two Litre model and its, at present very "hush-hush" little brother etc."
July ‘36   Stamped in headlamps of 0251
Aug 10th ‘36 Photograph Photo of chassis with rear bumper with this date upside down on r.h. chassis rail.
Sept ‘36   Max Miller makes "see through"drawing for The Autocar, based on chassisphoto VA.
Sept 17th ’36 VA record book Garuanteeplates are issued for VA 0251 & VA 0252
Oct 2nd ‘36 VA record book



Garuanteeplate is issued for VA 0253


Preliminary Leaflet "Preliminairy Leaflet" showing photos and drawings of prototypes is released by MG Car Comp.


The Autocar Announces an "intermediate MG model" showing only factory supplied chassisphotos. Also extensive drawing of saloon by
Oct 6 ‘36 The Motor Article on "New 1 ½ Litre MG showing prototype chassisphoto.
Oct 15-24 ‘36 Olympia Motorshow Catalogue MG stand showing new 1 ½ Litre cream saloon & red tourer
Oct 23 ‘36 The Autocar Review of the motorshow showing a picture of the new 1 ½ Litre saloon on the show.
Nov 2nd ‘36 Oxfordshire County Archives A duo green MG 12 saloon is registered by Morris Motors Ltd Cowley, registrered DJO 117
Nov 3rd The Kithead Trust ABL 72 first registered by MG Car Comp. Same month this number is moved to Glasgow.
Nov ‘36 The Sports Car "MG models at Olympia" page 380 shows photo of prototype chassis. Page 379 shows Tickford, tourer and saloon drawings from the "Preliminary Leaflet".


BL Heritage archicve Photosession in very wet wheather showing ABL 72 & ABL 999 all with George Tuck.
Dec 16th ‘36 The Kithead Trust ABL 999 is registered by Wheelers to go on an Austin. Obviously not related to MG Car Comp??
Dec ‘36 The Sports Car Page 427 shows pictures of cream saloon and red tourer. Called "The first published photographs"
Jan 4th ‘37 Oxfordshire County Archives A cream MG 12 saloon is registered by Morris Motors Ltd Cowley, registered DJO 804.
Jan ‘37 The Sports Car Page 14: "Now undergoing extended road tests" showing cream saloon (ABL 999) and red tourer (ABL 72)in front of big gate. "In between the floods they have had some sunshine in Berkshire – a 1 ½ Litre on test near the works in Abingdon" showing ABL 999 in front of beamed cottage.
Febr ’37 The Sports Car Page 47: "MG 1 ½ Litre now nearing production stage".

Page 52: "The road tests of the MG 1 ½ Litre are now complete. Production engineers are getting busy, we expect to be able to announce next month the date when deliveries begin". Showing red tourer in the wet.

March‘37 The Sports Car Page 94: "The MG 1 ½ Litre model is eagerly awaited by many enthusiasts. We shal describe its road performance next month". Showing cream saloon and red tourer in the wet.

Kimber embarks on testdrive "From Heidelberg to Geneva".

April ‘37 The Sports Car Page 130 +131 Test of the MG 1 ½ Litre model with pictures of DJO 117. "Production line is beginning to get busy".
April 13 ‘37 VA Record Book Garuanteeplates are issued 0259 to 0290. When were 0254-0258 produced?? Februari-March?
May ‘37 The Sports Car Frontpage showing DJO 117 near Folly Bridge. "The 1 ½ Litre model now in full production."

Page 178: Showing underbonnet view of DJO 117.

June ‘37 The Sports Car Page 226: "The 1 ½ Litre models are now being produced in large numbers at Abingdon".
Nov 11 ‘37 VA Record Book 0253S is supplied with a new garuanteeplate because of an engine change into TPBG 979
June 9th ‘38 VA Record Book 0253S is supplied with another garuanteeplate because it gets engine 6303/3 back
July 16th 1938 VA Record Book 0252T gets engine TPBG 2105
July 13th ‘39 VA Record Book 0252 gets engine TPBG 2036

Note:  VA 0251 still exists

           VA 0255 still exists



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