Essential Reading:


1. Instruction Manual for the MG One-And-A-Half Litre (VA Type) Originally supplied with every new VA and a comprehensive maintenance and repair manual. You can not go without one. There are several versions from 1937 untill postwar.

2. The SERVICE PARTS LIST for the MG 1 1/2-Litre (VA Type) Very interesting reading with clear photos of most parts. Shows you exactly which parts belong where and to what particular chassis or bodynumber. Pitty we can not order any parts from it now !!

3. MG Saloon Cars  by Anders Ditlev Clausager.  A comprehensive book describing the various large cars MG has produced since the beginning. Good photos, history and many data.

4. "The Modern Motor Engineer" by Arthur W Judge and published by Caxton. A set of 4 volumes + 1 more with electrical diagrams (page 48: the MG 2 litre), with a preface dated 1937. Excellent section on mains and big ends including a lot on white metalling.


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