Car delivered on March 6th 1933 to University Motors, colour red.

First registration MG 2191

First registered owner Mr. Slade

Second owner Mr. H.J. Searle. Entered this MG in the Scottish Rally.

Photo's were made while Jaap Zwart raced MG at Zandvoort in 1949 and 1950, no Dutch registration on car.

1951 MG gets new registration RPK 637 in England obvious reason re-import.

29-5-1958 new continuation logbook issued for RPK 637, colour now cream, chassisnumber K 2001, engine number 60/AK 15011.    First entered owner in logbook: Mr. Spetwick

26-2-1959 new owner Roger Michael Smith from Bromsgrove.

23-4-1959 new owner Thomas Brooker, see B&W picture.

8-10-1960 new owner David Dunn, several photos with little boy and twin exhaust.

February 1961 new owner Richard Wright, photo of him being towed.

1961 Last registered before Bryan Sayers buys.

Early sixties Morris Smith buys MG from advert in Exchange & Mart and collects dismantled car from farm at Kidney Drole End.

1988 Bryan Sayers buys dismantled K 2001 from Morris Smith.

On contacting the MG Car Club office Bryan finds out that the original registration has now been issued to "another K 2001" known as the Jensen K type.

3-11-2000 The DVLC investigates both K 2001's and concludes that Bryan Sayers MG is the genuine example. Bryan gets MG 2191 back onto his K 2001 and the Jensen K "has been advised with a new (chassis) number".


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