Mr Granville's MG VA



Thursday the 27th of July must have been a cheerfull day for Mr. R.N.K. Granville as he took delivery of his new black M.G. 1 1/2 Litre Drophead Coupé with chassisnumber VA 2492.

Peter van den Heuvel came accross this enveloppe at the 2005 Beaulieu Autojumble which was part of that cheerfull day.

Not fully understood is why the enveloppe is by Morris Industries Exports Limited as the registration of this car HJO 917 is a normal Oxford number..

This enveloppe was with the car when delivered and still contains a number of interesting items. According existing files the VA nor Mr Granville can now be traced, but we can still enjoy the enveloppe:



   The complete enveloppe



                                                                                           The data revealing the new owner


   The other side of the enveloppe gives a clear map where to find the Morris Works




                                                                                                                           A closer view


   The battery Service Card




   Battery garuantee Card

                                                                                      Instruction Manual




   Instruction by Salmson how to fold the Drophead top.


In fact there are two sets of instructions from Salmson. The other one can be found here.

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