Parrafine cans

The earliest type Shell  can:


Has a Crown logo on two sides and "NV Bataafsche Import My" on the other two sides





The can on the left with shell logo (post 1925)






1953 Shell can; handle missing, there were red and yellow ones.




                                           Two different Caltex cans & a rare Texaco version


Standard - APC - De Automaat - Esso




Earliest type parrafine can from "De Automaat", marked 1922 in the bottem panel.



"Automaat" embossed on topface and bottem marked "1936"



Esso can 1948

                                                                 Schouten's, Oliehandel




                                                              Benzine & Petroleumhandel, Amsterdam BP

Automaat, undated.




                                      N.V. Olie/Handelsvereniging GULF












PAM was from 1956 the name of a trading company owned by the SHV (Steenkolen Handels Vereniging). They also owned a chain of petrol stations through Holland.



A British parrafine can from Esso




A Belgian parrafine can from Fina and one from Shell








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