Service Information sheets


Listed below are the numbers of the Service Information sheets as issued by the MG Car Company specifically for VA's. At this stage its a bit too much to show the complete contents of these sheets. If you have a particular problem in an area mentioned below just let me know and I will mail you the full text.

1    Recommends that the ideal plug gap other then racing is in between .012 and .015 inch

7    Is about carburettor needle measurements

10  Is about the application of heat treatment of axle beams and steering arms

44  Is about the use of oil instead of grease to lubricate the chassis

48  Is about tappet clearences. Now recommended for all VA's to be set at .009-.010 for inlet valves and .015 for exhaust valves all at normal engine running temperature. This to decrease valve gear noise.

49  Is about the correct adjustment of engine mounting rubbers.

50  Is about oil leakage from the back axle into the brake drum.

52  Is about the safe limit for cylinder reboring. Maximum limit is G size which is 1,5 mm over the standard bores.

54  Is about the shock absorber ride control pump.

55  Is about chassis dimensions which were printed incorrect in the Service Manual.

56  Is about oil leaking into the (dry) clutch.

58  Is about fitting shackle pin bushes correctly

59  Is about lubrication of king pins.

60  Is about rear wheel bearing clamping.

62  Is about steering swivel pins.

66  Is about the engine performance and the air filter manifold.

68  Is about the master brake cylinder dust cover.

69  Is about distributor spindles.


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