VA engines in other cars.

The Vatrium

Based on a 1939 Triumph Scorpion chassis with an MG VA engine and gearbox

This little baby is bored out to 1725, billet crank, special forged rods and pistons and a Rootes supercharger and is putting out well over 100BHP at the rear wheels at 4500rpm on the rolling road -  with 6p boost (and  it races at 5500rpm with 8p boost). As it weighs in at 500KG thats in excess of 200hp per tonne  = seriously quick (SQM in 14-15 seconds) - but not much in the breaking area to stop it.
the head has not been touched/skimmmed


A German TA



A seriously quick TA with a modified MG VA engine. Claimed to be a genuine TPDG but not believed to be so.

Beats many modern sports cars.






Bored out to take post war MG A pistons and fitted with "modern" 1 1/2 inch SU's