VA Production changes


Below is a list of all production changes as listed in the "Service Parts List" for the MG VA, November 1937, revised July 1939 and September 1946.


Blue = Saloon        Red = Tourer       Purple = Tickford       Black = All types


From body number Chassis number Engine number Items changed
200 7691     Rear seat pan & cushion changed

Windscreen changed

Side screens replaced

Hood replaced

351 7847     Buffer for sidescreens
390 5711     Front seats

Rear seat & pan

Facia board

641 10135 Roughly VA 2380 ?   Tourer headlights
653 10156     Rear number plate

Stp & tail lights

Reverse lamp

693 5951     Facia board
850 8646 Door hinges

Centre pillar

Door check

Rear seat cushion

Backplate and bracket for windscreen winder

Door check

Facia board & capping

Windscreen wiper assembly

1175 8994 Roughly VA 2371 ?   Saloon headlights
    VA 0412   Carburettors
    VA 0636   Petrol pipes tank to pump
    VA 0747   Horn moved from engine shield to badge bar
    VA 0802   Tourer floorboards and carpets changed
    VA 0904   Grommet front bumper stud
    VA 0948   Floorboards & carpets
    VA 0997   Carburettors
    VA 1048   Mixture control wire clip

Packing piece for front carb

    VA 1078   Slow running control spring introduced
    VA 1162   Spare wheel cap assembly saloon & coupe
    VA 1221   Air intake pipe support
    VA 1254   Rear axle stop

Cover plate clutch inspection introduced

King pins

    VA 1255   Front & rear springs

Rear axle assembly incl. differential

Spring clips

Rear axle buffer

Brake pipe strap rear axle

    VA 1371   Wiring harness
    VA 1392   Oil pipe for oil pressure gauge
    VA 1469   Regulator box
    VA 1745   Steering/front hub greasers
    VA 1795   Greaser front front shackles

Greaser/plug for rear hub

Greaser for propellershaft

Grouped nipple battery plate

    VA 1770   Bolt for oil filter banjo
    VA 1795   Greaser for fan pulley

Greaser for draglink

    VA 1955   Different bonnet for wider body ?
    VA 1965   Steering wheel

Trafficator and horn control saloon & coupe

    VA 1915   Shock absorbers
    VA 1945   Front axle buffer added
    VA 1955   bonnet
    VA 1975   Steering wheel saloon
    VA 2150   Steering wheel tourer
    VA 2206   Inner steering column with cam

Outer steering box

Ball race steering column replaced felt bush

    VA 2353   Driving mirror tourer
    VA 2376   Tickford headlights changed
    VA 2518   Brake bleeder screws
    VA 2520   Brake back plates and adjusters

Brake shoes

      TPBG 0412 Carburettors changed
      TPBG 0997 Carburettors changed
      TPBG 1510 Breather pipe

Bell housing



First motion shaft spigot bearing

Cylinder head cover

Air cleaner

Starter motor

Oil pipe pump to filter

Oil filter bolt and joint

Oil pipe filter to block left out

Clutch assembly wet to dry

Clutch operating rod

Gearbox clutch housing and operating shaft

First motion shaft

Selectorshaft reverse

      TPBG 1790 Oil base with baffle and sump changed
      TPBG 1891 Counter balanced crankshaft

Oil suction pipe sump to pump

Gearbox mainshaft and 3rd gear parts

      TPBG 2100 Packing ring for valve spring

Oil feed pipe to cylinder head

      TPBG 2237 Gearbox changed internally
      TPBG 2250 Rocker shaft supports
      TPBG 2286 Pistons
      TPBG 2292 Pistons
      TPBG 2237 Gearbox mainshaft striking dog

Gearbox and first speed and reverse

Selector shafts

      TPBG 2392 Pistons
      TPBG 2511 Oil feed pipe to cylinder head
      TPBG 2566 Low lift camshaft with reduced valve clearance
      TPBG 2731 2 mm longer pushrods
      TPBG 2751 Valve springs top caps and rockershaft supports changed
      TPBG 2822 Shell bearings and different conrods introduced

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